our existence

you are the center of your own world and all you can see is from your point of view of life. you only feel the emotions of yourself and you can only control yourself. you care most of your well-being. to yourself, you mean the most, obviously. but to the world, you don’t mean anything. to the universe, you mean nothing. no one knows about how big life truly is. is there only life on earth? are/is there more than 1 universe(s)? where do people go after they die? is there an afterlife? are we just reborn as people or animals on earth or can we become something way beyond our planet? it seems as if you are only a short breath within the time that was already come and passed. and that is all we will ever be.

this also reminds me of the fault in our stars. i’m sure you’ve heard of it since it has been such a big teen sensation. i always remember when augustus tells hazel grace why she doesn’t want to leave her mark on the world. i wish i could be like her and not care of people remembering me when i leave. i think it is scary to live a life and just vanish. i really don’t like the thought but as gus waters said, oblivion is inevitable.

so make every day count because you don’t know what happens next. you don’t know if there is such thing as fate.



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